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It is not only enough to establish a business but also indispensable to make it accessible to customers belonging to all segments. A toll free number helps the best in achieving the same. Toll free numbers are essential for any business since these

  • Add credibility to business
  • Are easily accessible to customers
  • Save money to customers
  • Offer greater reach to business
  • Improve overall satisfaction level of customers.

If you own a business that intends to offer better services to customers, then 1800tollfree.in is the right choice for you.

1800tollfree.in offers comprehensive toll free services that gives your business both basic and advanced routing capabilities and termination features. The pricing structure of 1800tollfree.in is very simple and the invoicing method of 1800tollfree.in is very flexible.

The toll free services offered by 1800tollfree.in can help your business in boosting its sales and improving the levels of services offered to your customers. The cost free method for contacting you, offered to customers brings in more numbers of clients to your business.

In order to offer all these benefits to your business 1800tollfree.in offers 3 major products. They are:

  • Toll free incoming call services
  • Missed call services

The Value- Benefits

1800tollfree.in is a turnkey provider that provides services for all toll free numbers across India. 1800tollfree.in has an experience for more than a decade in telecommunication field and facilitates the biggest voice based setup next to Telco. Since 1800tollfree.in has the biggest voice based set-up, it offers better and faster services than other telecom service providers.

The three main services offered by 1800tollfree.in are toll free incoming calls, alerts for missed calls made to toll free numbers and interactive voice response services.
The toll free services offered by 1800tollfree.in can add value to your business by helping you in

  • Acquisition of new business
  • Lead generation
  • Addressing grievances and complaints
  • Offering customer care services
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Mass marketing

Why 1800tollfree.in?

Availing our services offer the following key benefits to your organization

  • Our services remove all barriers that customers might encounter in contacting you
  • 1800tollfree.in paves way for customers to contact you at no cost
  • Since the toll free number offered by us, sits on top of the existing number of your business, there isn’t a need for you to change your number
  • The number offered by us can be moved between mobile phone and fixed telephony and hence you can use it for any type of infrastructure.

Some of the unique benefits that you would gain on availing our services are:

Complete geographic coverage

With 1800tollfree.in services you can receive calls from any service provide and from anywhere in India. The seamless network communications that switch easily from local to national and again back from national to local completely eliminates geographic barriers encountered by business enterprises.

Reliable services

We promise our customers to offer exceptional and quick services along with efficient routing of calls in case of emergencies

Cost effectiveness

Our pricing structure is simple as well as innovative which eliminates your need to worry on expenses and helps you concentrate more in offering better customer services. Besides, the pricing strategy adapted by us will help you reduce the communication cost incurred by your organization

Complete solution for your business

1800tollfree.in offers complete telecommunication solution that would take care of design, installation, maintenance and management of the entire network in order to fulfill all your business needs.

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